Using Pageant for SSH Key Management


Once you have setup your VPS and secured SSH with public / private key authentication, we need to find an easy way to manage the private keys.

This is where we start using Pageant. This is especially true when you start administering numerous virtual private servers.

This video will show you how to manage your private keys using Pageant. Pageant is for Windows only. MACOSX users, you need to create a “config” file. How to create a “config file” will be covered in the next video. Continue reading “Using Pageant for SSH Key Management”

VPS Hosting

What is a VPS?

A VPS is a physical dedicated server that has been split up into multiple virtual servers using virtualization software. When you purchase a VPS you are buying a certain amount of server resources that are guaranteed for your use only. As each VPS operates independently from each other no other user on the server has access to your data. An unmanaged VPS means that your host is responsible for the hardware and network connection, you are responsible for everything else. Continue reading “VPS Hosting”