Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting Sucks!!!

When your WordPress site becomes popular and starts to make demands on the server resources, your shared web host will suspend your account. Its time to move away from shared hosting.

That’s one of the few guarantees in life you can be assured of!

What’s that catchy buzz word shared web hosts love to use? UNLIMITED. I think its more of a situation where they will make you unlimited promises and not keep any of them. Unlimited is not unlimited, read the Terms and Conditions that all shared web hosts love to ‘hide’ away in the small print.

I copied a very popular shard web hosts Terms of Service from their site.

Shared hosting space may only be used for web files, active email and content of User Websites. Shared hosting space may not be used for storage (whether of media, emails, or other data), including, as offsite storage of electronic files, email or FTP hosts. …….. expressly reserves the right to review every shared account for excessive usage of CPU, disk space and other resources that may be caused by a violation of this Agreement or the Acceptable Use Policy. …… may, in our sole discretion, terminate access to the Services, apply additional fees, or remove or delete User Content for those accounts that are found to be in violation of …… terms and conditions.

Review excessive usage!! Our sole discretion terminate!! Apply additional fees!! Remove or delete user content!

If you are running a site that consists of a few html, css and image files, then shared hosting maybe for you. If you are running a WordPress site that’s getting busier by the day, the clock is ticking…

What’s the solution for site owners?

Move your sites to an unmanaged VPS… an unmanaged VPS is lean, fast and bloat free.

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