VPS Hosting

What is a VPS?

A VPS is a physical dedicated server that has been split up into multiple virtual servers using virtualization software. When you purchase a VPS you are buying a certain amount of server resources that are guaranteed for your use only. As each VPS operates independently from each other no other user on the server has access to your data. An unmanaged VPS means that your host is responsible for the hardware and network connection, you are responsible for everything else.

Why use VPS hosting?

The main advantage of unmanaged VPS hosting is that you are in control of your server and web sites. As you are not sharing your allocated resources with others, your VPS is a speed demon.

You don’t need to rely on the web host to perform server security upgrades as you are responsible for your server. If something doesn’t work correctly you can fix it. There is no need to call you host and wait for hours in a queue.

If you need more server resources, most VPS hosts offer a one click upgrade where you can add more CPU cores, RAM and SSD space. Unlike shared hosting, with a VPS you can monitor your server resources in real-time.

A VPS is not only for hosting a few sites, it can be used for much more.You can use your VPS as a seed box, an email server or even your very own cloud server.

Finally, the price, a VPS is cheap, almost as cheap as shared hosting. With a VPS you are getting the benefits of a dedicated server without the price.

Its time you ditched shared hosting and moved your sites to an unmanaged VPS.


Not all VPS hosts are good. Anybody with the skills can setup multiple VPS’s on a single dedicated server. Take care when choosing a VPS host and please read our article, Choosing a VPS Host.

Ready to move to VPS hosting?

If you are unsure about making the move, take our course to enable you to gain the skills and confidence to administer a VPS. The course is designed for the absolute beginner. Don’t forget to checkout our coupons page for monthly and daily discount coupons.

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